Exhaust Scrubber

Exhaust gas cleaning device.

This device is an exhaust gas cleaning device that is currently playing an active role in preventing pollution of plated exhaust gas at various plating factories, including the Keihinjima Central Plating Industrial Park. Efficiently removes exhaust gas containing hydrogen chloride gas, sulfuric acid mist, alkaline mist, etc., as well as chromic acid mist generated from the plating tank and pretreatment tank. The cell kit scrubber HAW type is for mist removal (both wet and dry type), and the VCP type is for gas cleaning.


1. Demonstrates high removal efficiency.
Since a filamentous packing is used, there are many opportunities for inertial collision in mist removal, so it is efficient and collects mist with a fine particle size. In gas cleaning, the cleaning liquid repeatedly agglomerates and disperses to enhance the gas-liquid contact effect, resulting in a high removal effect.
2. There is little pressure loss and power costs can be saved.
Since the space ratio of the filling is large, the pressure loss in the tower is small, and therefore the power cost can be kept low.
3. You can reduce the amount of water used.
If the HAW type is used in a dry manner, the amount of water used can be significantly reduced, and chromic acid mist etc. can be recovered as a concentrated liquid.
4. Standardized and economical.
Standard products are prepared according to the amount of processing gas, so delivery time is short and it is economical.


1. 高い除去効率を発揮します。