Pressure dialysis machine

This is an epoch-making device that purifies and recovers acid waste liquid and alkaline waste liquid, which were conventionally neutralized and discarded in large quantities, by the membrane separation method using pressure. Valuable metals in the waste liquid are separated from water and acid as salts and concentrated and regenerated.

Principle of pressure dialysis method.


This device is a membrane separation method that uses pressure to efficiently recover acids in waste liquids and concentrate and separate metals. In principle, it is similar to a reverse osmosis membrane, but the membrane can be applied in a wide range from the strong acid region to the alkaline region. In addition, since the diffusion dialysis method uses the difference in concentration between the waste liquid and water to purify and separate the acid, it is necessary to increase the membrane area to improve the separation accuracy, whereas in the pressure dialysis method, the membrane itself Since N + cargo electrons are added, the metal and acid in the waste liquid are purified and separated into the concentrated metal waste liquid and acid by pressure and recovered. In addition, since the water in the waste liquid is recovered together with the acid, the amount of acid discharged during the process is drastically reduced.