Single Arm OPELET fully automatic plating equipment

A fully automatic plating device with a new mechanism that is popular for ultra-precision plating in the so-called high-tech field such as aluminum hard disks, lead frames, and printed circuit boards. there is.
1. With the R type, there is no risk of foreign matter such as oil, dust, and iron powder getting into the plating solution, and problems with plating quality can be avoided.
2. The MR type has a carrier running rail at the same level as the hanger rising position, so the hanger does not shake.
3. A plastic chain (made of polyacetal) is used for the vertical drive chain, which does not corrode and does not require lubrication.
4. Non-contact 2-point switch control is used to control the operation of the carrier, which dramatically improves the operation accuracy and eliminates electrical failures due to corrosion.

1. R型ではめっき液中に油分やほこり、鉄粉などの異物の混入する危険性がなくなり、めっき品質上のトラブルを回避できます。

2. MR型ではハンガー上昇位置と同レベルにキャリア走行レールがある構造のため、ハンガーの揺れがなくなりました。

3. 上下駆動チェンには、プラスチックチェン(ポリアセタール製)を採用、腐食せず、注油不要です。

4. キャリアの動作制御には無接点2点スイッチ制御を採用、動作精度は飛躍的に向上、しかも腐食等による電気的故障がなくなりました。