about us

Message from the President


Nosaka Electric has been in business since its establishment in 1957.
As a plant manufacturer of metal surface treatment for 60 years
To meet everyone's request
We have made progress.

To respond to the globalization of manufacturing
We also have bases in Thailand and Mexico
We meet local demand.

Strict in quality and friendly to those who work
What is a device that is kind to the natural environment? To
We would like to pursue it all the time.

From process design to quality control
Related to metal surface treatment
We have a wealth of experience in equipment and devices.
Please leave it to us.

President and CEO HIDEO NOSAKA

Quality Policy

We humbly listen to our customers in order to continue to make better surface treatment equipment.

We will do our utmost to manufacture surface treatment equipment and provide services in order to improve customer satisfaction and earn the trust of our customers.

We aim to create a bright workplace where we can share our wisdom and skills and cooperate with each other in order to accomplish reliable work.

We will always strive to develop and improve technology for surface treatment that can respond to the new era.

As a result of the above, the entire company has a sense of purpose, and in order to achieve the goal, we always actively work on quality improvement, review ourselves, and promote continuous improvement to satisfy our customers. Our goal is to provide services quickly and inexpensively, contribute to the development of society, and become a company that is widely trusted by society.


Quality Goal

Aiming to realize the quality policy, we set quality targets as follows.

Strive for sufficient and speedy communication with customers and clarify customer requirements.

We aim to create a transparent workplace by enhancing internal communication and ensuring that "reports, Contact, and Consultation" are carried out.

Strive to save costs in all departments.

Employees are constantly working to improve their skills so that they can act professionally in all situations.

We aim to be a safe and secure company by thoroughly implementing 4S.(We sort, set in order, shine, standarize.)

Try to make equipment that takes the global environment into consideration.

Always try to develop new technologies to improve quality and reduce costs.