As an environment-friendly equipment company, Nosaka Electric Co., Ltd. contributes to the achievement of the goals of the international community as a whole, "SDGs," and contributes to the realization of a peaceful and prosperous society in which people and nature circulate and develop better.

Plating liquid recovery device RC type.


Nosaka Electric Co., Ltd. released the RC type plating solution recovery device in 1971. Developed based on the theory of multi-stage countercurrent batch water washing, it was well received by many plating companies at that time as a powerful weapon for water saving measures. The plating solution recovery device RC type is a system in which multiple washing tanks are arranged in a round shape. In the plating industry at that time, manual plating equipment was the mainstream, but by incorporating this round RC type water washing tank in the plating line, it is possible to save space and minimize the movement of workers. , I was able to streamline my work. By increasing the number of water-washing tanks and using multi-step water washing, the work of replacing the water in the tanks has been reduced, and significant water savings have been achieved.
Currently, we do not manufacture RC type, but we have inherited the idea of ​​water quality conservation from that time and provide equipment with high water saving effect.


Introduction of gas scrubber.


Exhaust gas containing chromic acid mist, hydrogen chloride gas, sulfuric acid mist, alkaline mist, etc. is generated from the plating tank and pretreatment tank. As a method to improve such a working environment, steam is sucked from the exhaust hood with a fan, but if this steam is discharged to the atmosphere outside the factory as it is, it will lead to air pollution. Therefore, a gas scrubber is used to neutralize or detoxify the chemical solution. In this way, introducing a gas scrubber into the plating line will lead to improvement of the working environment, prevention of air pollution, and reduction of water pollution.

Wastewater treatment system.


The Central Plating Industry Cooperative has adopted a wastewater treatment system called a closed system with the aim of fundamentally solving the pollution problem in plated wastewater. This is a system that saves water by a factor of 10 compared to conventional systems, and is an epoch-making wastewater treatment system that has attracted many visitors from Japan and overseas. It was already adopted when moving to Keihinjima, and because of this wastewater treatment system, the move from Tokyo to Keihinjima was approved. Nosaka Electric manufactures plating equipment based on this wastewater treatment system.